Giveaway: Start Stampin’ Up!

Thanks for a great week of Stampin’ Up!. We hope you came away feeling a little crafty as a result. Whether you dive into that long overdue scrapbook, spruce up a wall with decals, or create your own framed art, your kid will appreciate your personalized touch (even if that happens to be years away from now)! WIN IT! 1.


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DIY: Crafty Cards

Months ago, I stumbled upon stamping sensation Jane Matsumoto’s blog Whoopsie Daisy! via My Asian Heritage. It quickly became apparent that scrap booking isn’t just for the books. I was drawn to Jane’s baby onesie invitation created for her sister-in-law’s baby shower and thought that our readers would also enjoy. Coincidentally, I heard from the Stampin’ Up! corporate offices and


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Playroom Paper

Stampin’ Up! is celebrating their 20th anniversary and we thought we would celebrate too by sharing how a little “Stampin’ ” can spruce up not just your scrapbook but your even room decor. Excited? So are we. You see, we knew nothing about scrapbooking until recently. We may be late to the game (20 years) but oh, how we admire