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How to Sew a Sweet Bunny Lovey

DIY Bunny Lovey

At just 12″ square, this DIY bunny lovey is totally portable and the best of both worlds—it’s a soft, snuggly blanket with some big-eared personality. Read on to learn how you can sew one yourself! […]


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Soft and Cuddly Sensory Play with Baby Jack Loveys

Lovey from Baby Jack and Company

Baby Jack and Company creates adorable loveys with ribbon tabs to allow for soft and cuddly sensory play. These toys were created after baby Jack’s mother found his finger caught in a red loop tag attached to a blanket. From that point forward, Kelley sewed all the tags closed and made tabs. […]


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We’re All a Little Linus…

Since 1954, Linus has graced the Snoopy cartoons with his ever-present blue security blanket. Most kids form an attachment with that one special cuddly blanket, so why not incorporate it into the room design? […]


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A Few of my Favorite Things: Andrika King

I was so excited when Pam and Melisa asked us to write a post about our 5 favorite things. I like nothing more than to share ideas and finds with friends. Just another reason why I love blogging. The following items are not only my favorites but I have owned or currently use all of them so this is truly from my heart and home.


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Giveaway: My Blankee…and Yours!

I think I am in love with a new blanket. We’ve polled readers about their favorite blankets in the past and for some reason it’s still a topic that make us moms a little giddy. Probably because the right blanket for your child could very well become not only his most favored possession but provide you with lasting memories of