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We’re All a Little Linus…

Since 1954, Linus has graced the Snoopy cartoons with his ever-present blue security blanket. Most kids form an attachment with that one special cuddly blanket, so why not incorporate it into the room design? Of course, there’s no guarantee that the blanket you select will be the one they drag around, but it’s a good excuse to dedicate some extra time looking for the one you love to drape over the side of the rocker or spread out in the crib. From fashionable to traditional, from graphic to simple there is a perfect snuggle buddy for every little person and nursery.

We hope wrapping the little one in stars as he or she falls asleep will bring special dreams. The Galaxy Knit Blanket by Dwell Studio will comfort and enchant while adding to the room in which it’s placed.

For a pop of color and sprinkle of exotic Middle Eastern dreams, we love the 100% cotton Baby Blanket Caravan from Roberta Roller Rabbit. Wrapped in stars and images of camels, we wonder if it inspires dreams of travel in little sleepy heads.

For color and some cute friends for company, we can’t help but want to make friends with Lolli Living’s Giraffe blanket.

Going a little more modern, this Little Remix Blanket from Ferm Living brings a bold pattern and energy into the room but hopefully also a good night’s sleep to its owner.

Just like everyone else, we are caught up in the current chevron trend—we love the bold pattern and love using it on various surfaces. These organic cotton chevron blankets from Little Hip Squeaks come in a variety of colors to match many a room scheme or rocker.

And lastly, for a pop of color and punch of pattern, these stripes! cotton blankets from Sunday Ganim are soft, light, durable and bold!

Happy snuggling, and we hope your little one likes the blankets as much as we do.

Kimmy Doraine

Tuesday 19th of March 2013

Who's Linus again? Sorry, not a Snoopy fan...

Jacquiline Bertny

Friday 22nd of March 2013

This one is Linus. Familiar?


Monday 18th of March 2013

These blankets are charming. I remember that my daughter had an attachment to her baby bolster pillow and wouldn't sleep without it until she was three years old. She finally agreed to throw it away because it was getting flat and was getting too small for her that it was difficult to hug at nights.