Best Baby Name Lists (aka I’m in my third trimester and still haven’t picked a baby name!)

Baby Names

Are you someone who’s had your babies’ names picked out since you were young? Or do you follow tradition, like the first son will be named after the father/grandfather/etc.? Well, I’m pregnant with my third baby, and let me tell you, this name picking business hasn’t gotten any easier for me. […]


Top Baby Names of 2015

Top Baby Names

Our friends at BabyCenter posted their list of the top 100 baby names of 2015. Whether you look at the list for ideas or you make sure your favorite name isn’t at the top of the list, it’s always fun to take a peek to see what baby names are trending. […]


Naming Baby: Simple or Surprisingly Hard?

Umm…I’m in my seventh month of pregnancy, I know I’m having another boy and I still haven’t picked a name for the little fellow. In fact, I haven’t really even hunkered down with my giant book of baby names that my husband and I used for our first son (I see there’s a new edition with 10,000 additional names!). We