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Vintage Camp Nursery


A whimsical take on a 1960's vintage summer camp.

Design Inspiration

The inspiration came from a vintage child's suitcase that I purchased at a local flea market. It is red rusted metal with stickers from around the Midwest, where I am from. Next, I purchased old arrows from an estate sale and several old stadium blankets. Before I knew it, baby Wyatt's room was coming together!

Decorating Style

I am not a professional decorator by any means. I choose pieces that are mostly second hand at flea markets, estate sales, and thrift stores. I am always drawn to wacky, whimsical, and CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP!

Project Details

The shutters in Wyatt's room came with the house when we bought it. I love them, so I knew I wanted to frame them with statement curtains. Because of the vintage camp theme, I immediately thought of a Navajo pattern. JoAnn Fabric had a lot of choices and they always have a sale going on. I chose the brown and creme curtains because they only had two colors. I felt they wouldn't compete with the other colors in the room. For this same reason, I chose a pale gray for the wall color. I wanted a light color that would keep the room sophisticated. Next I went to several flea markets and estate sales to look for vintage canteens, maps, lanterns, pendants, etc. I also always kept my eye out for stadium blankets. Almost everything in the room is second hand or DIY. The brown wooden rocking chair was used by my mother in law to rock my husband to sleep as a newborn!

My crib was purchased at

Changing table is from a consignment sale, but I believe it is originally from

Curtains were made by my sister from JoAnn Fabric.

Curtain rods from Lowe's.

Favorite Items

The fabrics! I can't decide between the curtains, blankets, and rug!


My advice to anyone wanting to achieve this look is to start flea market shopping. Do not expect to find everything in one trip- you will accumulate items bit by bit. Before you know it, you will have a fun collection on your hands! Also, use other people for inspiration. I researched "vintage camp", "woodland nursery", "outdoors themed party", etc. Don't limit yourself!


Wednesday 2nd of October 2013

The black and white patterned curtains are beautiful. And there's a dreamcatcher above the bed!