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Winter Woodland Holiday Boy Room


A cozy woodsy room, filled with whimsy and holiday cheer!

I was a little too excited about styling my kid’s rooms for the holidays this year. I mean, it helped that my 3 year old was talking about decorating the entire house the day after halloween. The pressure was on! His room already had a bit of a woodsy feel with pops of green, so we stuck with a winter woodland style. It was pretty simple to spruce the space up for the holidays!

I started with these amazing bottle brush trees from Indigo. They came in a pack of 10, so I split them up between my son and daughter’s rooms based on colour. 

I found some fun finds from HomeSense, like this mini tree, nutcracker and stocking. The little wooden Santa figurines were from my childhood. I love telling my kids about all the decorations I grew up with, it makes this time of year so special and nostalgic.

I knew I had to drop by Canadian Tire and walked out with beautiful ornaments, like these mini monochrome baubles in black and silver. Since they didn’t come with any string, I picked up some nice black ribbon and hung them up on the tree. The easiest 5 minute DIY. And the little vintage camper ornament was a must!

I placed a few of the bottle brush trees with a wooden bead garland on his shelf to create another cute vignette! It turned out to be a great spot to feature some Christmas books too.

I’ve always loved this black IKEA stool under the window, it’s great for rotating in favourite books or toys on the weekly, so I knew this would be the perfect spot for his new nutcracker. And the Santa’s elf factor makes it extra cute, right?

The best part of all was witnessing my son’s reaction when he walked in the room for the first time… ‘wowwwww, it’s incredible’, he said. And that’s what it’s all about!