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Whimsical Scandinavian Nursery


Our son's nursery is the most decorated and complete room in our home.  My intention was to create a modern, gender neutral, Scandinavian inspired space for sleep and play made complete with whimsical and functional bohemian elements. As a nod to my love for arts and crafts I made sure to incorporate some of my own finished pieces. We painted the room a subtle creamy beige and decorated with pale pops of colors. My focal point and inspiration for this nursery was the shiplap wall that my husband installed. After completing this wall the rest came together pretty quickly.

Advice for parents designing their first nursery:

-Avoid feeling confined by commonly identified themes. There should be no hard and fast rule when designing your own space. Instead, identify things you gravitate towards and use them to create your room's "theme".  It can be a family heirloom, a keepsake item, a palette, or type of furniture--whatever it may be--use it as inspiration for your design!

-Avoid waiting until late in the 3rd trimester to start building or setting up the first set of items your baby will be using.

-Don't stress if you cannot complete the room before your baby arrives. You can always make changes and re-curate the room as your child's needs change.

-Enjoy the design and decorating process. You'll soon be occupied with baby, and will have little time for projects like this!