Viviane’s Nursery

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I wanted something that had no theme and lots of colour. Something you did not see in every nursery. I wanted to craft as much as I could, and pay as less as I could.

Design Inspiration

At first, I just selected a colour pallet and went with that.

Decorating Style

I like things that punch and that do not necessarily match. I like complicated things, that make you go "wow"!

Project Details

Bed: I used a child's cover that I sewed to an old baby crib set piece I had:

I used tule for the crib skirt; I simply added a ribbon to the border, with velcro to make it stick to the crib

For the lamps, I used the sun bought from ikea to hide a hole in the ceiling:

For the other one, I bought a simple lampshade, and ordered clear plastic balls from ebay:

I got the sticker from DeSerre:

The baskets and boxes on the wall come from Ikea, really cheaper than shelves!

I did the little carpet with old T-Shirts, using this DIY tutorial:

Same thing goes for the little flowers on the walls!


Without counting the 3 pieces of furniture (I got the crib as a gift, the white furniture is one I had when I was a kid, and the brown one is an inheritage from my grandma) I paid a total of approximately 200$.

Favorite Items

I think even though I did not make it, I love the sticker! She has brown eyes, just like my little girl, and she is farting hearts ... which I still find funny at 27 :)


Don't be scared to use colours, lots of colours! Even if at first something is not exactly the colour you wanted, if you like it, go with it!

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    That wall sticker flying with a giant flower is adorable. I bet it would look a lot better if set against an all-white wall.

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