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Vintage Circus Nursery


When thinking about my new son's nursery, I wanted to incorporate some sort of canopy aspect over the crib... the obvious inspiration, a circus tent. I designed the whole room with a vintage circus theme.

Design Inspiration

Vintage circus

Decorating Style

Mixing styles - eclectic

Project Details

You can find all the details on my kid's style blog:


Check out my writeup on my nursery on my blog :)

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  1. avatar Zen says:

    You got a really unique wallpaper. And I think the overall effect of the room is quite one-of-a-kind too.

  2. avatar Nella Atkinson says:

    Those elephant hooks are quite charming. Dunno how I feel about the wallpaper, though. I hope it’s just because of your photo filter and the fact that the real colors have been modified that I couldn’t really appreciate it.

  3. avatar FancyShmancy says:

    Best boy’s nursery I have seen SO far! Cute and new, modern and trendy all in one. LOVE.