Vintage Carnival Nursery

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We designed a whimsical carnival nursery for twin girls using a touch of vintage elegance. A room to imagine, play, and grow!

Design Inspiration

Our client's love of cloud-covered murals with hot air balloons, inspired us to create a carnival themed storybook and allowed us to design a dream like scene for her nursery.

Decorating Style

This color palette is one of our favorite! We used a Robin’s egg blue, candy apply red and a medieval gold as our base. We created a playful space using circus stripes, daring patterns, and fun textures. There is a brightness and airiness that fills the room through the large windows, so we kept all colors muted to continue with our shabby chic style. 

Favorite Items

The pennant banners hanging above the crib. We knew we wanted something special to display the girls’ names and this was the right piece to complete the room. We also love the custom bedding that perfectly ties everything together. And, we swoon over those hot air balloons!


When designing a room with a specific theme in mind, have fun with those little details. It is the small things that help make the room larger than life! 


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    Do you know the color and brand of the paint you used? This is exactly the color I imagine in my baby’s nursery! :)

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    Beautiful room! Can you please tell us what sizes are the hot air balloons? Thanks in advance!

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    Hi ladies,
    Paint color is Behr – Valley Mist. The hot air balloons alternate in two sizes, 12.6 D and 7.1 D. The banners are from Etsy, but, unfortunately, the shop is now closed. Thank you so much for your interest!

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    Where di you get the hot air balloons from? They are so cute; would love to get some for our nursery! Thanks!

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    Hi there, working on my baby boys nursery for this fall. I am looking at doing vintage carnival theme. Any chance you would know where to find the curtains on this project? Thanks!

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    I’ve been looking all over for a bumper or fabric resembling your crib bumper. Did you make it yourself? Could you link me to it? Adorable room!! My nursery inspiration 100%!!

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