Under the Palms Nursery: A Shared Space

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This project was a labor of love for me to design because it was for my niece and nephew.  My niece is 2 1/2 years old and my nephew is just a few weeks. Designing a shared space for a boy and girl can be a bit tricky, but my sister and I knew we wanted a cheerful space.  My sister and her husband lease their home so painting the walls isn't an option, this is when I knew using removable wallpaper was going to be the best idea ever.  Picking the wallpaper first then led me to all the other items in the room.  Keeping it fairly neutral with the textiles on my nephew's crib and then allowing a touch of color for my niece.  I'm not shy when it comes to pattern use, but I do pay close attention to the scale of a pattern and its colors.  An example of this is seen predominantly on the crib wall. Since the wallpaper is very bold I kept the scale of the crib sheet to a smaller pattern and then stuck with black and ivory pillows.  Towards the window I didn't want the drapes of the room to compete with the wallpaper so I chose to use white linen drapes with black rods.  And then deciding on the green bookcase established a monochromatic contrast instead of having the bookcase also jump off the wall like the crib does.  Finding balance in a space while having fun is what I always strive to achieve.

And nothing would have been achieved if it wasn't for my amazing photographer Taylor Cole Photography. 


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    The throw blanket was found at Hobby Lobby. And the blocks were a DIY where we purchased the blocks at Hobby Lobby and the foam letters. Painting the angled white shapes was simply done by taping off the block.

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    Rachel, Casey and Melody…

    So glad you love the room enough to ask. Most of the items are linked at the bottom of the post. The bookcase is from Ikea. The dresser was a Craigslist find that we painted white. Changing pad cover is from By George baby boutique. Pillows in the crib are also linked…from Maewoven and Studio Matsalla. Most of the dresser accessories were great finds at Hobby Lobby.

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    Janitza-the shelf with the leather brackets is from Wayfair.
    Ashlee-the leather pulls are from Etsy. Just search “leather pulls” and so many different options show up.
    Shirin- that pillow was from H&M home, but is no longer available
    Thank you all for asking

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    Where is the beautiful wall painting from? I tried to reverse google image search it and couldn’t find it! Thank you- I really want to come close to this design for my twin girls!

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    Hi Tiff and Kass… so glad you like elements of the room. I’ve included the links to the wallpaper and the rug in the source list. If you’re on your mobile device scroll down past these comments and you’ll see them. If you’re on your desktop the source list is on the far right of the page.

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    Clavel…thank you! Both crib sheets are linked in the source list. If you’re on your mobile device the list usually ends up at the bottom of this page. Or on your home computer it’s usually to the right. Both sheets are from Woolf with Me

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    Hi Alexa…
    I’ve included the link to the rocker in the source list. It’s from Amazon and currently a super inexpensive price. If you are on a computer the source list is on the right side of the screen. If you are on a mobile device, the source list is at the bottom of the page.

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    Can you tell me the paint color used on the walls? Thank you. I love all of your nursery designs-so unique!

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    Oh my gosh!! Where did you get the beautiful dresser from! Will get leather pulls of Etsy but I NEEED that dresser! 😍😍

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    I LOVE THE DRESSER/CHANGING TABLE!!!! Where did you get the knobs/pulls for the white dresser? Also what paint finish did you use for refinishing the dresser? And what method of painting did you do (roller, spray, brush, etc.)?

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    Hi. I know you linked the wall shelves to Wayfair but thousands of shelves come up :(. Could you send an exact link to the product?

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