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Twins Nursery!


I wanted to create a more modern, clean, and sensory-happy nursery for my boy/girl twins!

Design Inspiration

After spending a good amount of time on bed rest, I looked up various ideas, color schemes, and examples of nurseries on the internet!  I am not an official designer, but wanted to make my twins' nursery unique, fun, and colorful!

Project Details

I bought the cribs and two dressers at, an eco-friendly family-owned company.  My rug was a steal from the Rug Market sold through  I chose the orange-framed picture (a heart on Uruguay in South America, the country where my husband is from) to bring in some of his culture to the room.  This 'home is where the heart is' print was made from LilyGene on Etsy.  The decal on the wall is called 'mod clouds' and was customized from a shop on Etsy, ellenANDallie.  The mirror was also custom-made from shop on Etsy called Uncommon.  The chair was custom made from Buy Buy Baby. The mobile was handmade from an individual in Wisconsin.  Finally, the bookshelves were from Pottery Barn.

Favorite Items

The cozy rocking chair, sunny yellow print with bright orange piping!


Start with something you really like (furniture piece, print, etc.) and work from that item to create an overall look, one step at a time!

Andrea Lowe

Sunday 2nd of December 2012

Nice gender-neutral twin nursery. I like the safe color of the walls, the furniture and the beddings. It means it's ready for any kind of "twist" and pops of colors you want to add as time goes by.