Twin Boys Toddler Room

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Twin boys making the switch to toddler beds. Mom, and Bunch of Bees creator, wanted the space to feel "new" with bright colors and positive messages.

Design Inspiration

The "First Tryke" bedding from Target was what I bought first...then decided to incorporate the hot air balloon. My boys are obsessed with all things that "go"!

Decorating Style

Modern, simple, bright, happy and I love using positive messages on my art.

Project Details

The inspiration for teh new prints was the bedding from Target. Thew new wall art was designed by me (Bunch of Bees), especially for them but will be available in my shop!. Their growth chart is from Milk Moon Kids on Etsy and their birth canvases on top of the dresser were part of their original nursery and purchased from Trendy Peas on Etsy.

Favorite Items

The new prints by Bunch of Bees, of course :)


Keep it simple, paint the room a color that can grow with the kids!. Choose 2-3 colors that contrast each other and use them throughout the room.


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    The beds low to floor takes me down memory lane,38yrs ago….we had our son’s bed low to the floor too. Safe and easy for him to get in and what ,when we had to teach him to “stay in bed” just a part of parenting. Colors great too.

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