Travel and Adventure Baby Boy Nursery

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  • Gray Travel and Adventure Baby Boy Nursery
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I had so much fun with this project.  For me, it was quite a challenge to balance a chic modern feel with a masculine touch while still staying baby-friendly.  We wanted something to reflect our values and personalities and I think we achieved that with this space!

Design Inspiration

I really wanted to create a neutral environment that inspires travel and culture, reading and knowledge, and inspiration and history.

Decorating Style

Clean, fresh and sophisticated while still being whimsical, fun and baby-friendly

Project Details

I gathered a lot of the shelf fillers from Home Goods and antique stores.  It was a long process but one that paid off.  Other key items came from surfing the net on blogs and pinterest boards.  Here are some of the sources for the project:

Full details on my blog



Order as many samples as you can! I highly recommend buying and ordering as many samples as possible to choose the right color palatte — from bedding to furniture to paint, it really does make a difference.  Once you have your color palatte and theme, it’s all gravy from there. Even though we did all of the swatches on the walls, the hue changed once the entire room was painted. But in general, it really helped to pull all of the colors together on a n idea board to see my vision take form.


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    I absolutely love what you did to the room. I cant seem to find the “explore” sign on etsy in the teal like you have it there. Any ideas? how long ago did you buy it? Thanks

  2. 2

    I have the same question as Maize – Where did you get the “explore” map sign. Love it! Great job on your nursery!

  3. 3

    I love this room! You did a wonderful job. Would you be able to share where you got the explore map from?

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