Transformers Birthday Party

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A Transformers party for my son's 4th birthday.

Design Inspiration

The paper Transformers from Paper Robots 1999 were the inspiration for the custom designed invitations and handcrafted decorations.

Decorating Style

Definitely out of the box.

Project Details

Other DIY projects included the transformable lollipop stand made out of boxes and cardboard, the 3-D paper backdrop of New York City Harbor, and the Transformers food and beverage tents.

Favorite Items

The 2-tier red velvet Bumblebee Transformer cake, banana caramel Decepticon cake, paper Transformers,  and transformable lollipop stand.


Have patience and plan well in advance. It takes a long time to cut and assemble everything, but totally worth it.


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    So great and so creative! My almost 4 year old just discovered transformers and is obessed. This is giving me some cool ideas. Love it.

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    I must say, this is one of the best boy party I’ve ever seen.  I love your double takes on the food, like “optimus prime beef burgers” and “egg roll out”.  But my fave for this party has to be the origami fans under the CAMDEN letterings.  That is beautiful and so easy to do.  Very creative indeed!

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    Where did you get the assemble robots from? I’ve looked everywhere. Please advise. Thank you!

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