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Toy Story Boy’s Room


This is our Ultimate Toy Story Boy's Room. It has all the Toy Story elements but in a new and imaginative way.  It creatively captures the feel of the Toy Story world.

Design Inspiration

Toy Story is the main inspiration. I (Desiree Cook) decided on this theme because my husband is obsessed with Toy Story and all things Pixar. I got some of my ideas from the Toy Story Mania ride at Disney World, as well as just utilizing the patterns, textures, colors, and feel from the movies.

I thought about what was iconic to Toy Story and Andy’s room: the clouds (of course), the toys, the Pixar lamp, the army men, the moon shape, the star on the Pixar ball, the globe, the stars, etc. I also played with scale. Some things are toy sized and some things look as if you were toy sized.

I made the lighting versatile and magical. I used the tension between the cowboy and space themes to make it interesting. I wanted it to be Toy Story in a way that was beyond just decals and Toy Story bedding.

Decorating Style

Since we are designers, our style can bend and sway to the desires of our clients. Our style is consistently fun, whimsical, and beautiful. This particular room leans heavily on the fun side.

Project Details

There are so many little details in this room that I love. I love the globe. Andy had a globe in his room, but this particular one lights up with constellations when the room gets dark, fitting with the space theme.

My sister and I painted the clouds on the wall using a stencil.

We wrote a tutorial about painting the Toy Story clouds here.  You can buy the cloud stencil on Amazon here.

I love the army men decals on the closet door.

The rug adds the cow pattern from Woody's vest, as well as filling in the middle of the room.

The cloud shelf fits perfectly.   I use it to put the baby monitor on.

The solar system is cheap but it adds so much to the room. The planets look way cuter than I ever imagined. They also glow in the dark.

I love the cow humidifier because it is usually a necessary ugly item, but this cow one fits right in to the cowboy theme.

I got a barrel of monkeys and hung them from the curtain rod adding another cute little detail.

The crib and changing table I used have a bit of a circus feel to them, but they will also work for future nurseries.

I also love the old fashioned Christmas lights. They are so much fun, and add that interesting lighting I was looking for. The floor lamp reminds me of the Pixar lamp (also in Andy's room) but has that red pop that repeats throughout the room.

There are a lot of DIY projects in this room. I love to do them, and they also saved a lot of money. This room in general is very inexpensive. I made the blocks with my dad. He helped me construct the boxes (I could not find ones to buy) and then we painted and put letters on the front. The letters can be found here. 

I also sewed the seat cushion, curtains, boppy cover, and pillow. The boppy cover I made out of bandannas. (An undertaking I would not repeat again without a pattern.) For the pillow, I used a cowboy bandanna for one side, and for the other side I used the back of an old pair of jeans and sewed a red bandanna sticking out of the pocket. I worked really hard on all of it.  I actually had to do the room twice because we moved when Cyrus was 5 months old. It was so worth it.

It is so fun in there and every kid wants to play in his room when they come over.

We wrote a Behind the Scenes blog about this room here.

More pictures are available in our portfolio here.

Favorite Items

I have two favorite items. I love the clouds! Our cloud stencils is available here. They make the room feel really pleasant, even with nothing else in there.  I'm sure they will last him till he's 12 years old at least.

My other favorite has to be the plane. You wouldn't believe what I went through to get it. It is the central feature, and I adore it!


Don't take the Toy Story elements too literally. Play with them. The plane in the movie is a toy plane that is about 4 inches long, but mine is a statement. The Christmas lights in the first movie are the regular little ones, but mine help play with scale. There are a ton of ideas on Pinterest, which I didn't really realize till the room was done. Use things you have. Toys are essential and you can use things like cowboy boots, cowboy hats, rope, etc.

One thing I love about this room is that the color pallet is not so strict, so you can put pretty much anything in there and it won't stand out like a sore thumb. This is practical as kids get older and collect a bunch of random things throughout their many adventures. I never thought I would pick a Toy Story theme for my nursery, but now I love it!


Tuesday 23rd of November 2021

Can you tell me where you got the plane from please?


Sunday 24th of May 2020

The rooms looks lovely couple I ask where you brought the lights hanging of ceiling please ?

Pam Anderson

Wednesday 4th of April 2018

Could you please tell me where you found the cool airplane?


Friday 29th of September 2017

Hi I have a question, where can I get the wooden letter blocks to form the name? Thank you


Sunday 26th of June 2016

Hey I love the room. We are getting ready to move into our first house. My son loves toy story . I just bought your cloud stencils and I am having my husband make the blocks. How big did you make the blocks are any instructions you can help me with thank you!