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A Sweet Vintage Nursery


I wanted a calm and sweet nursery for our first baby. We painted the walls a pale gray and added neutral details with a few pops of color. The furniture is a combination of new and vintage, mixed with some DIY projects. We did a lot of work ourselves, adding crown molding, a Dutch door and wall stencil and shelving in the closet. The room is small, so we maximized space by using a compact dresser as a changing table, removing the closet doors to make it feel bigger, and placing a round crib in the corner. A chandelier and closet lights helped brighten the room.

Design Inspiration

I was mostly inspired by bright, airy nurseries, and added some colored pieces at my husband's urging. Lots of Pintrest and Google searches!

Project Details

Crib,Changing Table and Oval Frame: Vintage

Nurseryworks Empire Rocker: Posh Tots

Allen + Roth Closet System: Lowes

Ribba Book Shelves: IKEA

Wall Art: Etsy

Round Floor Basket, White Closet Baskets and Diaper Baskets: Land of Nod

Curtains and Chevron Rug: Pottery Barn Kids

Wooden Name: CraftCuts

Custom Bedding: AngelWings on Etsy

Wall Paint: Moonshine by Benjamin Moore

Dresser Paint: Blue Whisper by Valspar

Favorite Items

I love everything, but the round crib is my favorite. We found it vintage, cut down the poles, painted it, and added some custom bedding. It turned out lovely!


Do lots of shopping at thrift stores to find the right pieces, and don't be afraid to use paint to make everything match.

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  2. avatar Daniele says:

    Hi there! Where did you get the tall floor lamp from? I love it and think it would be perfect for our baby girl’s nursery!

  3. avatar Stacy says:

    Where did you get the baskets on the rod? I am havinng the hardest time finding something like this.

  4. avatar Jessica Taylor-Lewis says:

    Sarah, the rod and hooks for the baskets under the bookshelf came from IKEA. The baskets came from World Market. The white wall baskets beside the changing table came from Land of Nod.

  5. avatar Sarah says:

    How did you make the hanging baskets? What did you use and where did you get your pieces from?

  6. avatar Jessica says:

    Renee, it is Blue Whisper by Valspar, the same as the dresser.

  7. avatar renee says:

    what color is on the vintage round mirror?

  8. avatar Marilyn Jones says:

    What font and size is the wooden name?? TY

  9. avatar Molly Neubert says:

    Thank you,Jessica! This is a huge help. Can I ask what size you used?

  10. avatar Jessica says:

    The baskets came from World Market and the bar and hooks they are hanging from came from Ikea.

  11. avatar Molly Neubert says:

    Where did you get the hanging baskets from?

  12. avatar Cristina says:

    Where did you get the hanging baskets from?

  13. avatar Michelle says:

    perfect. Thanks Jessica!

  14. avatar Jessica says:

    I think the actual shelves I used have been discontinued. This one looks very similar. Mine are about 45 inches long.

  15. avatar Michelle says:

    I wasn’t able to find those book shelves on Ikea, do you have different link you can share?

  16. avatar Jessica says:

    Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t kept up with this posting in a while. If there are still any questions about the nursery I am happy to answer them.

  17. avatar Jenna says:

    Love this!!
    Could you please tell me which size of the ikea picture ledges you used here? There is a 21 and a 45 inch size. Thank you so much!

  18. avatar Holley says:

    Where did you get the baskets and rod that is hanging below the book shelves?

  19. avatar Cara says:

    beautiful room!! Can you please tell me where you bought the light fixture?
    Thank you

  20. avatar Lindsay says:

    Any idea what the bar and hook system from IKEA that the sea grass baskets are hanging on is called?

  21. avatar Malorie says:

    Hi! What size shelves did you get from IKEA? I have been looking, and I can’t decide what lengths will work best.

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  23. avatar kfilut says:

    Love your nursery! How did you accomplish the baskets and the rod feature?! So adorable!!

  24. avatar Kim says:

    I found the rail w/baskets… but what exact shelves are those, with the book? LOVE IT! :)

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  26. avatar Alison Mueller says:

    do you remember what etsy shop you used for the you are my sunshine? =)

  27. avatar Alison Mueller says:

    do you remember what etsy shop you used for the you are my sunshine? =)

  28. avatar Jessica Lee Wadas says:

    I love your bookshelf wall… So the 2 white bookshelves are from Ikea? Where are the brown hanging baskets underneath the shelves from? (the ones holding the toys)

  29. avatar Stacy Patterson says:

    What font and size is the wooden name?? TY

  30. avatar Heptathlete00 says:

    Thanks so much!!

  31. avatar Stephanie says:

    Heptathlete00 – They’re on the website…called Rachael Wall baskets. Pretty sure they’re the large size.

  32. avatar Heptathlete00 says:

    The Seagrass baskets on world market don’t have handles and the one shown here has one. Can you tell me which baskets specifically? Thx!!

  33. avatar Stephanie says:

    Thank you so much! That’s so sweet of you to let me know!

  34. avatar Rachael says:

    Stephanie we got the bar and hooks today. They were in the kitchen section and called a Grundtal Rail in 31 inches. The hooks are the 2 3/4 Grundtal S hooks. Hope this helps!

  35. avatar Rachael says:

    I would love to know too! We are ready to hang this exact thing and just need the baskets!

  36. avatar Stephanie says:

    Love this nursery! I found the baskets on World Market’s website. Do you remember if they are small, medium, or large? Also, do you know what the bar and hooks are called? I’m trying to search but haven’t been succesful so far. Thanks!

  37. avatar Viviane Miranda says:

    Love it

  38. avatar Kd says:

    Thank you I was looking for them too! What size are your picture frames?

  39. avatar Jessica says:

    Hi! The sea grass baskets came from World Market and the bar with hooks they are hanging from came from Ikea. The mobile was a DIY project, made with felt and styrofoam balls.

  40. avatar Jessica Casey says:

    Where is the hanging basket system And the mobile from? ;)

  41. avatar Jessica says:

    Thanks! The color is Blue Whisper by Valspar.

  42. avatar Jan says:

    So soft and serene! Love the aqua that you painted the changing dresser. Could you please tell me the color? I also like the touches of pink that make it girly.