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Sweet and Simple Baby Shower


Her two sisters and I wanted to throw my sister-in-law a simple, sweet, and intimate baby shower.

Design Inspiration

I asked her beforehand if she wanted a theme and her wishes were "simple and clean."  So, I took that idea and ran with it.  She was expecting a little boy so I wanted to keep an outdoors theme in mind as well.  After all, little boys seem to love being outside.  I knew I had a few things on hand and could borrow some others to give her a shower that she would enjoy.

Decorating Style

For this project, I didn't want anything to get too fussy.  My sis-in-law isn't a fussy person and I wanted to respect her personality!

Project Details

For the decorations, I tried to stick to blue, white, and "nature."

The round wooden discs are literally trees cut into discs (borrowed).

The sticks and pinecones were picked up out of my yard by yours truly.

The vases used on the tables, burlap runners, white tablecloths, and nests were borrowed from my church, which is where the shower was held.

The platters, plates, cake stands, dishes, and tea/lemonade containers were also borrowed from the church.

I picked up the water bottles from Wal-Mart for super cheap.

The straws and napkins came from Amazon.  The napkins can be found here and the straws here.

The plates and cups were just simple, clear, and throw away (no washing dishes!).

The onesies were purchased at Wal-Mart as well.  I simply strung up a piece of twine and attached them with clothespins.

Favorite Items

My favorite part of the décor was the sweet little clothesline.


I started with a lot of items and then paired everything down.  Sometimes less really is more!  There are a few more details about the shower on my blog... feel free to check them out here.