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Surfer Boy Playroom


When a repeat client comes to me and wants help turning a "toy/storage/catch all" room into an actual playroom, the answer of course is always yes!  I always start my projects with a design concept and after a bit of back and forth with the client, we aligned on "surfer boy" as our theme.

The space needed to be practical, comfortable and of course, playful for these sweet three boys.  I instantly new of a few products that would work but before I went into the details, I had to find my design moment.  Meaning, there is typically a point in the process - researching, dreaming, brainstorming - where I have an item, a color, a pattern or something that is the centerpiece for everything else in the room.

In this case, it was the wallpaper.  After a mishap with a previous wallpaper I had sourced, I decided to design my own, specific for this client, these boys and this room.  Waves, my first wallpaper collection, was birthed and will be available in  May!  And the best part is this wallpaper is customizable - it has the ability to be monogramed with 1 letter and here we have it with an "e" as all three boys' names start with an e.  SWOON!

Once I had the wallpaper as my muse, the other pieces came naturally.  I love the Crate and Kids storage piece.  And FLOR carpet squares are always a hit for kids spaces because of how practical and durable they are (plus their designs are amazing).  The lounge-y cushions that act like a sofa are a perfect place for reading and, ahem, wrestling because come on, it's a boys playroom.  Add some sharks, art and bookshelves and this room is complete!