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Superhero Party


A joint Superhero Party for Max and Lincoln

Design Inspiration

Comic book style superheroes

Decorating Style

Bright primary colours with black and white spots to give that comic book feel.

Project Details

I have two superhero mad boys here in my house, so when I started planning their party earlier in the year a superhero theme was a no-brainer. Max loves all of the superheros and super villians, he has so much fun playing with his various figurines and mini figures and asks us to read him one of the avenger stories every night. Lincoln doesn’t know all of the superheroes yet, but does love to walk around banging into things and saying ‘hulk smash’.

Right from when I started planning I knew I wanted the styling to be comic book style superheroes. All the speech bubbles and bang, pow, pops are so cute! I found these invitations on etsy and was really happy with them. They set the scene for the party perfectly.

I kept the food really simple, partly because it was a 2pm party and also because my husband kept going on about the good old days of party pies, sausage rolls and fairy bread. I didn’t go quite that old school, but still managed to keep it pretty simple. My mum and I made everything ourselves, Captain America fairy bread, jelly cups (thats Jello for all you non Australians!), iced spiderman cookies, Thor’s hammers made from rice krispie treats, buttered popcorn, lollies, cupcakes, fresh fruit and the birthday cake.

Now the birthday cake definitely isn’t the most elegant or artistic cake, not by any stretch of the imagination. But it’s homemade and that’s something that’s important to me. My mum always made my birthday cakes, and I love to do the same for my boys. It’s three layers of vanilla sponge, filled and iced with buttercream. Decorated with candles, superhero toppers and black fondant circles.

Over on the drinks table I served bottled water with superhero labels, apple cordial and soft drinks & sparkling water for the adults. I also included the party bags over on the drink table, which I decorated with these fun superhero comic cutouts. I found black and white spotted cups that I like and added the stickers myself (also from here).

For the games I built a ‘brick’ wall and gave the kids some giant hulk hands, you should have seen the little ones (especially the boys) having a ball smashing down the wall. By far the cheapest and most fun entertainment I’ve ever seen! We also had some of the dad’s pretend to be super villans so that the kids to could chase them down, capture them and tie them to chairs with crepe paper. Max declared that the best game he had ever played in his life. Oh to be five again!

The backdrop was another team effort DIY by my husband and me. I bought two large pieces of timber (I want to say ply, but it was cheaper and lighter in weight than ply), then sketched out my skyline before painting the whole thing. I just used craft paint, no priming or sealing as it just needed to last the day. Once it was dry Sean and I stuck on all the little windows and made the superhero logos from card stock. It was one of those things that was really easy, but still had a huge impact.

I think that just about covers everything! The full list of suppliers I used is below.

Favorite Items

The Hulk Smash Wall was an absolute hit with the kids!! Details of how I made it are here.


Keep your colour scheme simple. Red, blue and yellow accented with black and white spots is perfect for that comic book look.