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Superhero Birthday


What's a mom to do when her little boy wants a superhero birthday with all the on her superpowers, of course!

Design Inspiration

All things superhero!

Project Details

Unfortunately, I did not get a lot of pictures of the party, but you can see that we had superhero capes with sticky-back felt shapes to decorate, fun superhero games (lifting a barbell, superspeed), yummy cake, and a villian, played by my loving husband and father of the birthday boy, to vanquish.

I used white chocolate candy clay to make the superhero emblems for the cupcakes and cake.

Favorite Items

The capes!  The cake and cupcakes turned out pretty good too, I think.

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  1. avatar Feliza says:

    The jumping-off-the-building trick is so cute and funny! Haha!