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Sunshine and Donuts Birthday Party!


I decided to throw a sunshine and donuts birthday party for my two year old because she was the happiest in the morning and she loved her breakfast. This party was thrown in January but finally getting a chance to upload these on PN.

Design Inspiration

Because my baby girl was born in the middle of Winter and I ad already thrown a ONEderland party for her first birthday I had to be a bit creative. I wanted a fun party but with bright colors to brighten up the dreaded winter morning so decided on a breakfast party. Plus I was 9 months pregnant and was expecting our second child anytime, I had to make things easy to figured breakfast is the easiest that way we could have all day to clean up if needed be :) .

Decorating Style

Just a little bit of everything :)

Project Details

A friend of mine Ormy bakes amazing cakes and desserts so I used all the baked goodies from her home business shop. Other things are from Dollar tree, party city and Ikea.

Favorite Items

The sunshine wall- my brother and sister in law did it and couldnt have done it a better job myself.


Just go with the flow :)