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Striped Nursery


This is my third boy and second nursery in this room in less than 4 years, so I knew I wanted to change things up without having to repaint the entire room or purchase new furniture. I also wanted to make this a room that could grow with him. I found inspiration from different striped rooms/furniture/decor, pretty much wherever I saw a stripe pattern I liked. Then I played around with thickness of tape...using thin tape for some stripes and then even doubling up on thicker tape for different weight and contrast among the stripes. I used a peacock blue/green paint for the stripes and then last second added in some light grey to soften things up a bit. I found a super affordable and super soft, plush rug with a mix of blue and green at Ikea. Painted an old pegboard to give it some life and kept accessories very minimal to maximize space in the small room.

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  1. avatar Christine says:

    Where is the dresser from?