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Sloane’s Neutral Glam Nursery


As a wife to a military man I know that we won't be in one spot very long but I like to make all of the houses we've lived in feel like "our home" even the short term rental we were in for just over 6 months. I wanted to make our baby girl's nursery warm and inviting and I wanted to work with what we had, which was blah military base housing! I know that doing an all neutral room can be risky but as I decorator I willing to take on the challenge, bringing in tons of texture and some metallics my sweet girl's nursery went from military drab to totally fab. You can see more of Sloane's nursery and all of our adventures at Love The Tompkins

I didn't want to spend tons of money on a room that we were moving out of in a few short months so everything in the room is pretty much a DIY. I faux painted the crib to give it a weathered grey Restoration hardware look. I used curtains from a previous house across one of the walls in the bedroom. The wall had two windows and instead of using two separate rods I used a long rod and let the curtains hang all the way across the wall. This made  the room feel cozy. The dresser was given to me by my mom and I used Rub n' Buff and white paint to give it a stripped paint treatment. The cane rocker was gifted to me by my bestie.

When I finally finished Sloane's nursery it was Christmas time and I thought that the addition of a vintage aluminum Christmas tree tucked beside her crib was just the sparkle her room needed; I almost couldn't bare to take it down.