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Shabby Chic Farmhouse Inspired Nursery


My husband and I are soon expecting our first child in August. Two years ago, we purchased our first home - a traditional, yet cozy cape cod nestled in western Pennsylvania. What started as just a house, was turned into a home after several months of hardcore renovations. Our primary focus was on the main floor - the kitchen, living room, dining room and the master bedroom. We figured we would tackle the two bedrooms and bathroom located on the second floor when the time came to expand our family.

Well - that time has come. We decided on which room would be the nursery and my lumberjack husband went to work on turning it into a canvas for a shabby chic farmhouse nursery. While turning such a small room (with vaulted ceilings, mind you) into an open, airy nursery sounded like quite the challenge...we happily accepted. As history has played out with past projects, he builds the things and I decorate them.

Like I mentioned, because of the vaulted ceilings and traditional features of our cape cod, I wanted this smaller space to come alive by incorporating an abundance of light, airy colors. The decorating was on hold though until the crib was built - cue my lumberjack husband. With is amazing woodworking skills, he crafted our little girls crib using poplar wood that he painted white - as opposed to leaving it natural and staining it.

I decided on a shabby-chic, vintage-floral theme with soft pinks, off-whites and the occasional pop of gold and mint. Easy enough, right?

Here is the [almost] end product! We're still working on some finishing touches, but thought I'd share to offer some inspiration for others!