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Scarlett in “One” Derland Birthday Party


For Scarletts first birthday we went with an Alice in “One” Derland theme. Being that Scarlett has a very feisty attitude, she played the role of the red queen!

Our backyard was covered in Jumbo size playing cards, Clock cut-outs and bright colored decor and flowers. I hung things from every rail of our deck and tree branches around our home.

I got large foam cut outs of different characters from the movie and used them in various areas of the yard. The tweedle dee and tweedle dum photo prop cut outs were a favorite amongst the parents and kids.

 We had a bit of a mishap with our cake, so I threw the dessert table together in less than 4 hours. Not too bad eh? Eat me tags were everywhere along with delicious sugar cookies that read the same.

To keep the kids entertained we brought in a petting zoo with some animals representing characters in the movie. We also had face painting, balloon deisgns and a bounce house. Our swing set got a ton of use as well.

For some DIY stress, I created the Flamingo Croquet! It was a bit tideous drilling through the plastic flamingos, but the outcome was well worth it. I purchased a basic croquet set off of Amazon and got the flamingos from Lowes.

For party favors all of the kids took home a copy of the Alice in Wonderland book and a lollipop that both had tags reading “Take Me”