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Samar’s Circus Nursery


When I found out I was pregnant the first thing I thought was I finally get to design a nursery! (Of course this was after I thought how great it is that I am going to be a mother)

I could not wait until my 20 week ultrasound to decide on a girls or boys room so I decided to just start working on something gender neutral.  Red and Grey are colors that work for either gender and are still fun and playful.

Design Inspiration

Circus!  What child doesn't love the circus.  I wanted to create a room that was fun and playful that Samar would enjoy as soon as she was old enough.  I can already see she has started pointing to different things in the room and smiles.  She also adores her life size giraffe!

Decorating Style

I kept this room pretty modern with clean, simple furniture that can be used for both boys and girls in case I want to reuse for baby #2.

Project Details

Crib: Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib available at BabiesRUs

Elephant and Umbrella Blanket: Holli Zollinger

Red Frame above Crib: Hobby Lobby

Elephant Head: HomeGoods

Hor Air Balloon: DIY made from a paper lantern

Curtains: HomeGoods

Elephant Curtain Pullbacks: Zulily

Elephant Paintings: My mom bought these back from her trip to Vietnam

Elephant Lamp Base: Pottery Barn Kids

Circus Lamp Shade: and added the red trim with a glue gun

Ferris Wheel:  HomeGoods planter that I spray painted silver and now use for storing little trinkets like clips or cotton balls

Tree Bookcase: Babyletto Spruce Tree Bookcase available at Overstock

Favorite Items

My favorite Item has to be the elephant curtain pullbacks.  They are so cute and so functional!


Have fun!  Don't feel pressure to "finish" your nursery before baby is born.  My daughter is almost one and I am still adding things.  Let the nursery grown with your baby and you never know what great decorating items you might run into in the future :)

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  1. avatar Jeffrey Compere says:

    Where can I find the rug

  2. avatar Aekta says:

    Could you tell me what color the walls are?

  3. avatar Gabby says:

    What color respond paint is that

  4. avatar Katye says:

    Having a hard time finding this rug on overstock. Can I get an item number or something to identify?

  5. avatar Katye says:

    Samantha, Melissa & Doug make the life size giraffe

  6. avatar Katye says:

    Where can I find this rug?

  7. avatar Samantha says:

    Hey, I love this nursey! Can I ask where you found the life sized giraffe? I cannot find one

  8. avatar Anika says:

    I got bedding on Amazon. They were both bought separately. Etsy also has a lot of good options for circus theme but is a little pricey.

  9. avatar Kabao says:

    Yes, where did you get the bedding for the crib?

  10. avatar Carmen says:

    Hey love what about the bedding for the crib?

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  12. avatar Anika says:

    Thanks Melissa! Got the rug on It is a safavieh rug and sheds a lot but looks so beautiful! Also great price!

  13. avatar Melissa says:

    I adore this. Can I ask where the rug is from????