Retro Modern Nursery

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The homeowner asked for a designer nursery with a color palette of aqua and orange with a highly customized look. This modern nursery features a custom made upholstered crib in a sturdy microsuede fabric and an entirely custom changing table and bookcase. To add even more personalization to this nursery design, we added a large-scale "name" art creation using wood wall letters and metal wallpaper, and a DNA artwork canvas showcasing Mom and Dad's DNA in this unique retro nursery. Design by Little Crown Interiors.

Design Inspiration

The homeowner wanted to create a large "name" piece on the back wall. We started designing around that and the rest of the room fell into place!

Decorating Style

At Little Crown Interiors, we always take our decorating cues from our Clients.  We want their nursery to be just that - theirs.  Each nursery we design is a marriage of our design knowledge with each individual Client's wants and needs.

Project Details

Please visit for more information on this nursery!

Favorite Items

We LOVE the "Sputnik" chandelier. It has such spunk and sparkle!


Pick a "statement" item that exudes modernism.  Then you can base the rest of the room around it.


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    Hmn… A DNA artwork? That surely is an extraordinary element or piece. How did they do that?

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