Reed’s Nursery Rhyme Nursery

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This room was designed for my son Reed.  This is my favorite mural because it was the first time I was able to create something for my own child.  I started this project when I was 8 months pregnant and loved every single brush stroke.  The design includes children's songs, fables, nursery rhymes, and tons of tiny critters and animals to keep a baby entertained.

Design Inspiration

I was reading a book of the Three Little Pigs one day and the inspiration to create a story within the mural came to me.  Sketches began immediately and before I knew it Reed's room had turned into a design full of fairy tales, nursery rhymes and favorite children's songs.


Decorating Style

My decorating style is whimsical, classic, elegance.




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    This room is absolutely awesome! The details of the murals are just amazing! It really transports me back to the time when I was reading nursery rhymes and children’s stories as a kid. And to think that you painted this when you were 8 months along the way is no easy feat!

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