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Red and Turquoise Baby Boy Nursery


From the moment we moved into our house, I knew exactly how I wanted my future nursery to be. My mother and I thought and planned for hours about how it would all turn out, until she was diagnosed with cancer and passed away before we ever got to see the project off the ground. So many people stepped in and made this nursery the one I had dreamed of and planned for so many years. Everything in it tells a story and has a purpose. It is by far my favorite room in the house.

Design Inspiration

My inspiration was little Sally O'Mally's Nursery that I discovered years ago on Project Nursery. I love the turquoise and red color combo and thought it would lend itself nicely to a baby boy or girl. Our entire nursery, except for the bedding fabric, was designed before we knew the gender of our baby.

Once we knew Cash was coming, I was inspired to tell his story throughout his nursery and design a room that was fun and functional. I incorporated baby pictures of my husband and me, a picture of my mom from my wedding, my old piggy bank, a framed dollar that my grandmother sent to Cash the day he was born, and several items that his daddy and I acquired while dating.

Decorating Style

My decorating style can best be described as eclectic, but I tend to gravitate towards a more contemporary version of classic with a touch of whimsy and nostalgia.


Project Details

Wall color:Behr Refreshing Pool

Marquee letters above crib: Bernal Burrow

Crib and dresser: Dolce Babi purchased from Ladies in Waiting, Shreveport, Louisiana

Changing pad cover and bedding- handmade by a friend using fabric from Hobby Lobby.

Night stand- built by my grandfather for my room as a child and painted to match the nursery by me. Bird knob from Hobby Lobby.

Owl night light and sound machine: Skip Hop

Mirror above dresser: garage sale and painted by me

Metal sign above twin bed:  Beehive of Ruston

White desk and shelves: purchased 18 years ago for my bedroom as a child

Wall mounted book shelves: spice racks from IKEA

Free Printable above reading corner: C is for Cash

Rocker: over 40 years old- recovered in Michael Miller fabric

Rug and pennant banner: Land of Nod

Wainscoating: DIY using trim to make "frames" and chair rail and then painting. A fraction of the cost of actual wainscoating.

Flooring: Vinyl plank in Boston  my sweet friends at Floor Works

Chandelier fan (greatest invention EVER!) Lamps Plus

Photography by Suhan and Dale Wallace: Dale Wallace Photography





Favorite Items

My favorite thing in the nursery is definitely the rocker. It was given to my mama on her 1st Mother's Day and has been passed throughout our family for each of the babies since. Since she isn't here to rock my son, I feel especially close to her when he and I share time in it.

I also love the little Converse that my husband and I purchased when we first met and  weren't even dating. I thought they were so adorable, and he was that sure that we were going to be married and have a little something to wear them one day. Almost 8 years later, we used them for our gender reveal announcements and to decorate our son's nursery. I love that.


Creating the perfect nursery takes time and patience, but it doesn't have to cost a ton of money. We re-did the entire room from walls to flooring, and I used as much as I could that we already had. The nightstand, twin bed, footstool ( I use it as a table for books and bottles next to the rocker), and large white shelving pieces have all been re-purposed or painted for Cash's nursery. They all have great stories attached to them, and I love that his nursery tells the story of how he came to be using furniture from his great grandparents, grandparents, and parents.

Also, don't be in a hurry to fill up every available inch of space. You will have so many sweet pictures and items that you want to display once your little one gets here, and you'll be glad for the blank space.

Don't listen too much to well-meaning friends and family. Several were astonished that we weren't using a "theme" that made it easy for them to buy for like sock monkeys, Winnie The Pooh, or jungle animals. I knew what I liked and what I wanted.

Lastly, just a little "Buyers Beware" if you are planning on purchasing matching sets of furniture from Dolce Babi. We are on our second dresser/changing table and still cannot get one that is the same snow white as our crib, even though we bought both from the same company, the same line, in the same exact wash. The company offers little more than an apology and a statement that they no longer use this manufacturer due to color inconsistencies. For most people, the whole purpose of buying MATCHING furniture from the same company is to avoid having varying shades of your chosen color. The amazing owner of the store where we purchased the crib and dresser has jumped through hoops to make this right, but it has been a big headache for all involved. We have had to order a new dresser from a totally different company and wait on its arrival. My advice is to steer clear of Dolce Babi if you are hoping for a crib and furniture to match.

Terri Hollingsworth

Tuesday 29th of September 2015

This is my niece and I can tell you how this little girl put her entire being into this nursery project for her baby. This child is a life giver for my precious niece. She lost her mother due to pancreatic cancer. I do not know of a mother and daughter more close than Corine and her beautiful mother. I have seen this and spent time here. It is more than a room. It projects peace and comfort because of my sister in law whom I think of as a sister. Maybe that's why Cash is not a fussy or sickly baby. He feels that same peace that exudes from his precious grandmother. And by the way Cash was 2 months premature. He is perfect in every way at this time.