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Rainbow Flower Boho Room


When I think of what makes my daughter happy, I think rainbows, unicorns, flowers, makeup.. all the girly things! I knew we needed to incorporate all of these characteristics in her space. Being the only girl in a house full of brothers (3), she needed an escape of her own, where she can be imaginative, girly, and herself! I tend to shy away from themes, but still wanted a way to bring her imagination to life, que the wall murals! I was able to keep everything else pretty neutral this way, while still having her unique personality shine through.

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  1. avatar Julie Hoffman says:

    Love love love this room!! I am going to paint a rainbow on my daughter’s wall, what colors did you use?
    Thank you!

  2. avatar Brittany says:

    Like what you see? Follow along on IG at Hampton_House6 !