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Rachel – Blue is for Girls Nursery


I knew I didn't want a pink room for my daughter. I have nothing against pink and I used it as an accent color; however, I am just not a pink kinda girl. So I found my inspiration photo on pinterest, a gorgeous light and airy room and light green and some gold accents. I knew that I wanted to do a two tone room with a chair rail and crown molding on the bottom half to add a feminine touch. I went through about 20 paint samples (including pink) and nothing ever looked right. It was too blue, too grey, too green. I couldn't find the perfect color, and I am normally very good with colors. 9 out of 10 times the second a color catches my eye, that's it, it's the perfect shade for the project. So I went back to pinterest and found a navy blue room. I told my husband that night and he thought I was crazy (he thinks that about most of my ideas and always eats his words). I went paint shopping the next day, fell in love with one like I usually do but still a second sample to be sure and the next morning chose the one I knew I would pick.

Yes navy blue is dark and generally a boy color, but in a girls room it is so cozy. Rachel's room has a lot of natural light so it doesn't feel dark. Instead you walk in and feel at home. The crown molding and creamy white on the bottom half of the walls helps lighten the room and adds a classic sweetness. My accent colors were pink (Rachel pink which is perfect for my daughter, Rachel), mint (sweet mint, one of my go to colors) and gold. Because I love diy projects and refinishing furniture, I had to add my personal touches in her room. The dresser was from the set my parents got for the wedding almost 40 years ago and her bookshelf was the top of an old hosier cabinet that I found at Brimfield Antique Show (my happy place). I added a gallery wall above the dresser and changing table with some prints. Added a cover of shelves above the glider for added storage. The picture above the bed I fell in love the second I saw it. It was at the Eclectic Collection (an awesome antique store by me) and I fell in love because I have a son as well and I could just see the two of them in a couple years at the beach and taking a similar picture. The white and gold frame just blended in nicely with the rest of the room colors also. The bed was a hand me down and in there until we moved her brother into the bed and could move his crib into her room (that happened shortly after pictures). And then there are the dumbo pictures. They don't really go with the rest of the room, but I thought they were so darn sweet and had loved them for a couple years so I had to include them.  I love the way her room turned out and every time we are in there playing I love the way she looks at everything. She can really grow into this room and it will still be gorgeous when she's 18 - of course the accessories will have changed by then.

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Monday 3rd of October 2016

Where did you get your bow knobs from I love them!