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Puppy Party: Tyler’s 4th Birthday


I’m so excited to share Tyler’s 4th birthday party with you today!  It was our favorite party so far.  This year Tyler was really excited beforehand and we were able to have some fun activities and games.


Design Inspiration

Tyler has really been into puppies for about a year now.  We have a toy poodle, and although he’s a smaller dog, they are the best of friends.  And Tyler loves acting like a puppy and watching Paw Patrol.  So the theme was easy to decide on.  He still loves red, so we had to have another party with red in it, although I put a lot of blue in the party this time.

We decided on going with all chocolate for this party.  When we were looking for what cake to get, we decided on a petal cake, but making it chocolate made it more boyish and fit in with the puppy theme.

Project Details


We cut a 4 out of striped blue cardstock and a slightly bigger one out of gold glitter cardstock to add as a topper. We made the cake pops ourselves.  Getting 2 cake pop presses made it much easier to make the cakepops a smoother round shape and the same size.  We put them on small cupcake liners and cut out little blue and red striped bones to decorate the sticks with.

We filled french square plastic bottles with blue gatorade and used vinyl decal puppies on the front of the bottles in gold.  Tying on some striped baking twine and paper straws incorporated in the red.

When guests arrived they could take advantage of our photo booth wall we had set up for taking pictures.  For the photo booth wall, we made vinyl deal paw prints to stick on the walls.  It was a really easy way to make a photo wall and the decals came down easily.

Our adoption table was set up with puppies to adopt, gingham leashes, an Adopt a Puppy sign, adoption certificates, and party favor bags.  We also printed the puppy banner in alternating blue, gray and red colors for the front of the table.

We wanted something above the table, tying in the adoption center theme.  So we decided on making a sort of “logo” for the adoption center.  We made vinyl decals of a puppy silhouette and circles in black.  Then added red vinyl decal letters to the side saying “Adoption Center.”

The adoption center was a big hit!  The young guests took their turn coming up to pick out a puppy and give them a name.  Each one got a Certificate of Adoption that we put the puppies name on, along with the guest adopting them and they had to sign and date it.  So it’s official!  Then each puppy got a leash we made with matching gingham ribbon.

After adopting the puppies, a party favor bag was given out.  We had planned an outdoor game in our backyard, including throwing a ball into buckets and winning prizes.  We thought a ball would fit the puppy theme.  But it happened to rain the day of the party so we just put the ball in the party favor bags.

We did have a “Give the Dog a Bone” game that we played.  It was just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but I had made a custom poster of the puppy  used in the party decorations for the game.

It really was a wonderful party. We hope you enjoyed looking through the pictures!

Vendor Credits:
Styling - Jolee Studio
Paper Products/Vinyl Decals – Jolee Studio
Photography – Country Life Photography
Cake and Cupcakes- Target
Cookies – The Sweet Tooth Cakery
French Square Bottles/Rugby Striped cups + favor bags – The Tomkat Studio
Puppies up for Adoption – The Big Zoo



Favorite Items

My favorite part was the adoption center.  It was priceless to see all the kids faces light up when they came up to the table.  They loved getting a puppy and picking out a name for them.


I think one of the most important things about setting up a party table is to have the desserts/food at different heights.  It gives more visual interest and looks more polished.