Pretty Little Playroom

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Black is one of my favorite colors to paint! It provides such a striking feature wall and really makes everything within a room, pop! Such is this pretty little playroom for three beautiful girls. Black, white, gray, with hints of blush, and an overall Boho vibe. Classic, clean, functional, and fun!


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    I love your playroom. It’s beautiful. My question
    Is how and where did you get your pictures of your daughters that big? I ha e 2 daughters and would love to put their pictures on the wall like that.
    Thank you,
    Nicole Sebold

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    Hi did you use the Eket shelving unit from Ikea? Did you add a piece of wood on the lower portion between the feet? If so, can you please provide specifics? Thanks

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    Hi! Do are these three different bookshelves put together as one? Can you please link them directly? Thank you so much!

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