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Pink & Leopard for Ava Jaymes!


This Nursery Room was designed for Backstreet Boy AJ & his wife Rochelle McLean. We started off with a pink and leopard color palette, lending itself to a feminine glam concept with a bit of sass!

We wanted this room to be transitional for Ava as she grows, so instead of choosing pieces with a Juvenile look, we selected furnishings with a more classic style and convertible functions that she can use and will love for years to come. AJ & Rochelle were so wonderful to work with and they are incredibly happy with the finished product!

Design Inspiration

When we met with AJ & Rochelle, they expressed that they loved a pink and leopard combination, so we took that idea and our color palette was born. Adding a few glam elements for this future lil diva was a must. Leopard, gold, and embellished accents fill this adorable nursery.

Decorating Style

Our decorating style is generally classic contemporary but we love and appreciate so many other styles as well. We love to keep the bones of a space in a classic style and layer the room with modern elements. From classic contemporary to Hollywood glam, the great thing about design is that it is ever-evolving and there is always something new.

Project Details

The crib and changing table by Bratt Decor (purchased at Bel Bambini)were selected in an espresso finish, so keeping the other elements in the room light in color was of great importance. When it comes to furniture finishes, you do not have to color match! We actually prefer the look of mixed finishes which is why we chose the ivory finish for the Marielle Bookcase by Restoration Hardware. The damask wallpaper by Kravet, on the crib wall was an element we could not do without and knew that it would really anchor the room and be a focal point with the Crib and gorgeous Crown Canopy by Restoration Hardware.

Instead of a traditional ottoman to pair with the glider we chose a flower pouf by Arteriors Home which Rochelle absolutely loves. It can be easily moved anywhere in the room, provides extra seating and also adds texture and a touch of whimsy. The gold stump side table, also by Arteriors Home is one of our favorite pieces.

A monkey rocker was the first thing AJ bought for Ava, so when we came across the adorable animal art by The Animal Print Shop we knew we had to frame the monkey! These prints are so cute and bring a smile to your face every time.

Favorite Items

One piece that we knew we wanted to use was the Gold Stump end table by Arteriors Home. It is a bit unexpected for a nursery room which is why we love it! The gold accent and shape of the table provide a unique quality and character in the room.


We really love rooms that are not primarily focused on character themes because it allows the room to grow with your child. You can easily incorporate more classic pieces that you would find throughout the rest of your home and soften the look up with patterned textiles, stuffed animals and nursery themed wall art. All of which are easily changeable and removable. The nursery room is such an important space for you and your child where many memories will be created. Make it comfortable, make it unique, make it memorable.

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  1. avatar Tracy Hammer says:

    Love the wallpaper! Do you know if it’s Kravet W3136 123 or W3136 16?

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  3. avatar lili says:

    Beautiful where can i find a crown like that

  4. Hi @disqus_akF4Ph01wE:disqus it’s from a trade source called Arteriors. Feel free to contact us if you would like purchasing info.

  5. avatar Amanda says:

    Absolutely love that ottoman, where is it from?!

  6. avatar Kate says:

    You can see Rochelle and AJ’s personalities in this nursery! Rock on Momma!

  7. Thank you @32b7148f943ff9bb9fe92a45e75fa2a3:disqus !!

  8. Thank you @b8316188881d76672266dfca638af50b:disqus ! xo

  9. avatar Cindy.S says:

    Absolutely stunning!!

  10. avatar Sanamy says:

    Elegant design ! What a beautiful room fit for a princess ! Love the chandelier and every detail !

  11. Thank you @0a750dad9c3039101969439e922f2249:disqus !!

  12. Thanks for the wonderful compliment @facebook-1074482539:disqus !

  13. avatar Nicky's Naughty Ninja says:

    This room was like love from the first sight!!! Absolute favourite!!!

  14. Absolutely stunning!!!! A room perfectly designed for Princess Ava!!

  15. avatar Ajswifey09 says:

    I just love this style I love leopard print

  16. avatar Rockabye Mommy says:

    Thank you@twitter-21979318:disqus !

  17. avatar Joe Burke says:

    Yes. As in, Yes. Awesome.

  18. avatar rockabye mommy says:

    @93e353b4f6228d1cc7fec9076e4fa4e1:disqus yea, we are not busy at all and are computer engineers on the side to figure out how to gain votes with multiples ip addresses on a children’s design resource website. #rude #whyevencomment

  19. avatar Rockabye Mommy says:

    Thank you!! @facebook-100000394917673:disqus

  20. avatar Rockabye Mommy says:

    Thank you!!@twitter-338143796:disqus

  21. avatar Jim says:

    This chick must have a macro for votes that has multiple ip addresses because this is not that great #sorrynotsorry

  22. avatar Chiara says:

    This room is absolutely beautiful! Wonderful job and of course it’s a perfect fit for the first Backstreet girl!

  23. avatar Rockabye Mommy says:

    Thanks for the love @twitter-21819826:disqus !

  24. This bedroom is a dream!! It is beautiful!!

  25. avatar Aidan @Daydreamz says:

    Beautiful nursery. I am concerned about the bumpers the use of bumpers are linked to SIDS and suffocation risk. I hope they are only there for decoration and staging purposes.

  26. avatar Rockabye Mommy says:

    @google-404503dce4e2d59a43c181f993187625:disqus we can have one made for you. Please email us at to discuss further. :)

  27. avatar Michelle S says:

    would love to have a blanket made, is there a way I can get one ordered?

  28. avatar Michelle S says:

    thank you again for letting me know :)

  29. avatar Rockabye Mommy says:

    Thank you Melisa! It was definitely a fun project! :)

  30. avatar Rockabye Mommy says:

    Hi Michelle, we had the bedding custom made. The pink and leopard fabrics are both Kravet. Thanks for viewing the project! :)

  31. avatar Michelle S says:

    where is the bedding from ?

  32. avatar Michelle S says:

    where are those pillows from the crib from ?? love love love

  33. avatar PN_Sabrina says:

    ooo la la– very glam!

  34. avatar PN_Melisa says:

    This room absolutely rocks! So glad you shared with us!!

  35. avatar Rockabye Mommy says:

    We appreciate the compliment@disqus_v7nNNu0kji:disqus! Yes, it is a generous sized room for a nursery. The unusual shape allowed for the large bookcase to be inset and not crowd the room. Thank you for viewing our gallery!

  36. avatar cath says:

    Wow! Most people don’t have nursery rooms this large, but it’s so lovely. I would kill to have a room this big for my child.