Pink and Gold Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party

  • Pink and Gold Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Party
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Invitations
  • 3/17
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 1st Birthday Cake
  • Pink and Aqua Desserts
  • 6/17
  • 7/17
  • 8/17
  • 9/17
  • Gold Sparkle Vase for Centerpiece
  • 11/17
  • 12/17
  • 13/17
  • 14/17
  • 15/17
  • 16/17
  • 17/17


For Eloise's 1st birthday party I wanted to use pinks and aquas (like her nursery) along with some gold.  As I was pinning pink and gold decor ideas I came across a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star birthday party and thought that theme went perfectly with the colors I wanted to use! More photos and details on where I got things are on my blog post.

Project Details


We served brunch foods (cinnamon rolls and cake pops on sticks, mini donuts, mini quiches, parfaits, cookies, mini muffins, breakfast sausage balls with apple honey mustard sauce, fruit salad, some baby snacks, and of course cake and mini cupcakes), let the kids play in the playroom, and had Oliver and Eloise's music class teacher (Janna from Katy Smash Kids) do a mini music class.  That was a huge hit with the kids and the perfect activity for mixed ages.


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    LOVE the theme and colors- I maybe ordering your invites. What colors did you use for the streamers? Where did you get the start garland? Thanks!!

  4. 6

    I love everything about this party! I was looking for the invitations on Easy and can’t find Ollie and Lulu. Is there another place to find or order them?

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  7. 9

    Hey! I am wondering where you purchased the stars that go with the banner?? I want to order but need to figure out where I am getting everything else from too!

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    Hey, love the theme. My daughters birthday is in 2 weeks and I am trying to scramble to get everything from your party ordered. I want to know where you got the banner the gift bags!!! Your blog link is not working. Thanks!!

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    I had this in my etsy cart and was planning on ordering them tonight..but I logged in and they are GONE!!! I’m so sad because the package you had available was perfect! If there is any way to get it still that would make my day…

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    I love love your decor!!! I am trying to figure out how you did the back drop for the desert table. Is that construction paper? Where can I purchase that at? Your help is greatly apprecaited! Thank you!

  15. 25

    I LOVE this. I am thinking of having a twinkle twinkle little star party for our Daughter in March. While she was in the NICU the Ronald McDonald House gave us a stuffed star that played the song so now each time she hears it she perks up.

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    I was wondering what you put in the goodie bags?? That’s the one thing i’m stuck on is what the goodie bag should be! I thought starbursts but wouldn’t work for the younger kids coming. Thanks for your help! Beautiful party!!

  18. 29

    what did u put in the goodies bag ?? need some ideas …loved everything about your party :)

  19. 30

    Loved it all! It was perfect! Planning my daughter’s 1st bday party in 2 weeks and your pics have inspired me very much!

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    How did you make those streams I want some but for my son and would love to know how to make them!

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    I’m doing the same theme for my daughters party and I wanted to access your blog to see where you purchased thing but I cant access you blog!

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    Hiiii i would like to see your blog but i cant. Love all you did, i want to see it cause my baby is getting 1 yae on January

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    Would you be able to send the link to the details for this adorable party?? It’s not working on the main page for some reason

  30. 41

    Hi! I was trying to look for details on where you got your stuff :) It says the blog is by invite only. Can you invite me or send me a message? Thanks!

  31. 42

    I Absolutely love this theme! Especially how you put it together ♥️ Im currently planning a unicorn party for my daughters 2nd Birthday party and im very interested in ordering the streamers!! I am using those exact colors and it would be soo perfect ?

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    Would love to see your blob on how to undid the streamers behind twinkle twinkle letters

  34. 45

    I am doing this for my daughters first birthday, where did you get the one banner? I have searched everywhere. Could you please help me 🙂 Thanks!!!

  35. 46

    Where did you buy this garland I’m looking for it fit my daughters 1 st birthday party in March

  36. 47

    Hi, I was just wondering where I can get the streamers, banner & 1 banner from. Thinking if this theme for my daughters 1st Birthday

  37. 49

    Hello. Could you please send the link to your blog for the twinkle twinkle birthday? Thank you in advance.

  38. 52

    I would like to thank you Kay for inspiring me to decorate my kids 1st birthday party. You are Awesome in arranging party

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