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Peter Pan Quote Inspired Playroom


I fell in love with a Peter Pan Quote sign that I had seen on Etsy.. after that I began Pinteresting Peter Pan themed rooms for some inspiration..  I wanted something fun, functional and playful without being to themey!   I picked a few more quotes to incorporate into the room and I set out to find an Etsy shop to help me in my Journey...     I found Twisted Home Accents and Melissa was a joy to work with!  I gave her my ideas, sizes and color schemes and she made perfect custom orders to fit my needs.

This is a shared playroom for my one year old son and three year old daughter so it was important to keep the color scheme gender neutral while also complimenting the other colors that I had chose for the rest of the living level.  I chose a pale blue, gray and white color scheme with a chevron pattern.

While on my search for playroom ideas I always was drawn to the rooms where the toys matched the décor.. but lets be realistic.. who's toys match their color scheme unless you do a rainbow room...   We didn't want a rainbow room and I wasn't planning on buying new toys to match our color scheme so... we did our best with what we had!

The room is exactly what I wanted.. Soft, pretty and whimsical but most of all functional for real play, with real kids in a real home not something set up just for pictures!


Saturday 31st of December 2016

What is the color paint you used on the walls? I love it!