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Penny’s County Fair 1st Birthday Party


A vintage county fair 1st birthday party.

Design Inspiration

Charlotte's Web inspired the party theme. I wanted to incorporate my daughter's love for animals and books, and thought a county fair theme would be fun for all!

Decorating Style

Eclectic, a mix of old and new

Project Details

Almost all of the details of the party were handmade. I created a birthday banner using lace paper doilies and cupcake liners. I made signs for the games with dollar store frames and scrapbook paper. The same scrapbook paper was used to make signs for the food. I used an old frame to display pictures from Penny's first year.

Favorite Items

My favorite item is the vintage frame of pictures showing Penny's growth over the year.


Be creative and repurpose things! I knew I wanted to make a banner, and used things I already had around the house to create it. Instead of store bought decorations you will throw away afterwards, use things that are meaningful to display, like photographs.