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Peek Inside This Bold and Feminine Shared Girls’ Bedroom


We have waited a long time for our baby girl to be here - years of infertility and failed treatments so the idea of getting to share a room with her big sister who is exactly 6 years older was very special to us and even her! I had a vision in my head for a long time of having a feature wall behind their beds that was a deep shade of green and the floral wallpaper that I fell in love with.

My biggest piece of advice for people planning a space is don't be afraid to pivot. I had an idea in my head of matching beds for now - basically a crib that coordinates and is in the same furniture line as the big girl bed, but because of Covid delays or not wanting to spend billions on beds, I had to pivot and got matching beds for later and beds that compliment one another now, but aren't in the same line.

The full reveal, the design plans, how I handled things being out of stock and all my sources are on my site,!