Parker + Jolie’s Big Girl Bunk Beds Room

  • Big Girl Bunk Beds Room
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Parker and Jolie's room isn't very big, but I guess when you have two of everything and something crammed on every wall space it would seem a little full. we've been talking about creating a room with space saving as the focus and finally pulled the trigger. building a nursery as a first time mom was much different than what I experienced with the two babies that followed the twins. I was on bed rest very early on in my pregnancy (24 weeks) and didnt really get to lay hands on and plan a nursery- a lot of things came from online shopping and sort of hoping everything would flow together once we got it in the room. I stuck to the same color scheme as I had originally envisioned in their nursery: lots of coral + mint green and turquoise + shades of purple and I added in grays + whites for their big girl update.  this allowed me to be able to reuse and update the decor and furniture we already had, saving money on those big purchases.  they absolutely love their new space and spend a lot of time in here playing dress up in front of that repurposed mirror and reading their books from their DIY bookshelves! not to mention how BIG they feel to sleep in their "big girl bunk beds". I love this room! every time I walk by I catch myself slowing a bit just to admire it a little.


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    Omg I love the bunk beds and we have a similar situation of being small on space! Do you have pointers to where to find the blueprint for the bunks?

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