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Owl Nursery


I waited several years to have our first child with hopes and dreams being dashed month after month along the way.  Beyond the obvious desire to have my own baby to snuggle, love and raise, I also had the desire to design and make a beautiful nursery to put that little bundle of joy in.  Finally, after approximately three years of not-so-patiently waiting, my dream became a reality and I began to design a nursery for our little addition.

Since this space is a part of our small Cape Cod second floor/master suite I wanted the color scheme to easily blend with what we already have, and I wanted the room to not be babyish so that it could be transitioned at a later date into a space for my husband and I to enjoy.  For the design of the room I was inspired by an Owl Table Lamp from West Elm, tree silhouettes at, and a beautiful quilt by Petunias on Easy.  For more on my Owl Nursery visit my blog: