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Oh Joy Inspired Nursery


My oldest daughter's room is very neutral, with lots of white, beige and gold accents (photos below) – colors I naturally gravitate toward when decorating. When deciding on a theme and color scheme for our second daughter's nursery, I knew a few things – I wanted to do something bright, in contrast of Isla’s neutral space, and I did not want to have a typical nursery nursery. I was wandering through Target a few months ago and I saw a brightly color Oh Joy pillow and knew immediately I’d found the inspiration for the room. I loved the pairing of the bright yellow, turquoise, blush pink and neon coral and thought I could have some fun designing a room around those colors.

You can read more details on my blog here!

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  1. avatar Christie says:

    I’m interested in the closet organizing stuff. Clicked on this and there’s nothing to do with organizing. Disappointed!

  2. avatar Ailee Petrovic says:

    Hi Marissa, They’re linked in the blog post above! Track is 77-3/4″ elfa Mounted Standard White and baskets are varied in size but specified in the post. Hope that helps!

  3. avatar Marissa Williamson says:

    Can you tell me where you found the closet door track and baskets? I’m having a hard time finding them! Thank you

  4. avatar Megan says:

    Any comments on the door storage and where to get the compartments for the tracks?

  5. avatar gina says:

    can you share about the closet stortage? where did you get it? thank you!

  6. avatar Beth says:

    Looks like an Elfa system from The Container Store to me.

  7. avatar SJU1982 says:

    Anyone know where the closet door storage is from? It’s a great use of space, and really helps contain the clutter. TIA!