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Nora’s ‘No Theme’ Nursery


When it comes to nurseries, the first question an expecting mama gets is, "Is it done?"—very valid! The second question is without a doubt, "What's the theme?" This one stumped me every. single. time. We didn't really have one...

After my husband Alex and I found out we were expecting our first baby, a sweet little girl now named Nora, we began surprising our close family and friends. One of those special moments was surprising Alex's Uncle Brad, an incredibly talented interior designer, and his partner John (along with Alex's parents who were already in the "circle of trust") at brunch with the waiter bringing baby bottles containing their cocktails. Uncle Brad exclaimed, "I KNEW IT!" and what I swear was just minutes later, we were plotting the nursery design at the table.

All I knew is that I wanted something not "babyish" aka something an adult would want to live in. That meant that it didn't have "a theme" per say. Something fresh—a place she could feel inspired in. Brad and his team delivered 100%, and one of my favorite things about the space is that it's a mix of new and high-end features like the wallpaper-of-my-dreams from Schumacher with bargains from IKEA, Amazon, Homegoods (duh!), and a secondhand crib from a Facebook resale site because BUDGET. I'll also cherish the time spent with my husband, dad, and father-in-law converting the old closet into a crib nook to maximize space in our 1960s house, and yes even the painting and addition of crown moulding. One of my favorite details is the framed fairytale watercolors my Mom bought in Italy years ago before we were expecting.

Of course, the nursery of our dreams wouldn't have been possible without our generous friends and family who helped us fill the space with everything you need to keep a tiny person happy and healthy. We are so grateful that Nora has a bright and creative space to grow up in!

Interior Designer: G. Bradley Alford
Photographer: Carissa Byers