Nature Inspired Nursery

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I designed this nursery around a simple, clean, minimalist approach. I did not want a space that was cluttery or over-done. Instead I opted for a space with a wall color that could be easily transitioned once we are ready to get rid of the crib, mobile, and tree and make the space work for a growing toddler. I wanted to be sure to layer with texture and stimulate the mind with fun bright pops of color that are balanced the grays and whites.

Design Inspiration

My design inspiration came from nature. The overall aesthetic is organic with the pebble rug, birch tree, mushroom stools and additions of owls to finish off the design.

Decorating Style

I would say my design style is transitional modern. I like a softer approach to modern as I do not like to design solely with straight lines and a lack of warmth.

Project Details

While designing this nursery, I wanted to be sure it was a unique space and not a room you could buy out of a catalog. Being a designer myself and having a vast knowledge of product lines, it was hard to choose exactly which crib was best fit. It came down to the larger scale and the mix of the white and the dark wenge that drew me to the Aerial crib:

With the amazing tactile feel and the texture that this rug adds to a space, I knew right away that I wanted to incorporate the Pebble rug into the space:

I love the clean lines and simplicity of the Sleepytime rocking chair:

For an ottoman, CB2's pouf was the perfect pairing with the chair:

For paint we chose (one of my favorite darker gray's) Benjamin Moore - Chelsea Gray


Favorite Items

A lot of love and time went into the custom birch tree and owl mobile.


Have fun and use your imagination! As grown-ups we sometimes forget to do both but when designing a nursery, what could be better.



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    I just love this!!! You have a “designers” talent!!! Love love love it. I would highly recommend your work!! 5 STARS!!!

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    Thanks! The mushrooms were from but it does look like they are currently available. They only came in a natural color, so I customized them to work with the room.

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    I am in love with the tree! I would like to know how you can by it. Did you custom make it yourself or seek out someone to make it for you?

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    Hello, I did custom make the tree. I used a projector to trace the image that I designed/drew onto plywood and then cut it out with a hand saw.

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