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Native American Forest Nursery


The theme of the room is a Native American forest with a river running through it-note the turquoise as a representative of water. The additional decor theme is the triangular and circular shapes. I wanted the room to be fun and inspiring without using pastels or too "babyish" of a decor. I wanted it to be versatile, have pops of color with different textures and dimension popping out of the walls, all the while on a limited budget. There are many different natural textures to feel in this room - the real branches on tree limb rack, the real wool blanket, the bumpy ceramic tile that looks like stone in the lizard plaque, and the real leather in the mobile. I have a deep love for nature, animals and geometrical figures.  The main color of the room is teal turquoise with secondary splashes of orange, yellow, and even more subtle greys. In some of the pictures the blue looks just blue, but it is in fact a bright teal.   The wall is a faint Tuscany yellow but since it's wall paper I hesitated to paint over it...the only thing yet I have to complete is paint the walls, add a rug and perhaps get some different curtains...the ones I have there came with the house.

Design Inspiration

For a few college projects I studied Native American literature and their cultures inspire me in natural spirituality and influence, patterns and textures. I tend towards rustic decor and the Native American theme gave me the chance to add my favorite things like  wooden branches, pottery, feathers, arrows, and animals to the design.  I also found a blog of someone who did a Native American nursery that inspired me to buy my blanket and my cabinet knobs:

Decorating Style

My style is modern rustic, southwestern, modern vintage, world cultures and travel, old world, Gothic, and definitely anything that is truly unique.

Project Details

Chair Ikea Otter stuffed animal Florida Aquarium Basket Pier One Geode Home Goods Box on bookshelf Home Goods Crib JCPenneys Dresser Knobs - Volcanic Stone Anthropologie Leaf dresser handles Ebay Branches wall rack Etsy (DistressedOut) Hangers Amazon Mobile Etsy (TheLittleTiny) Blanket on Crib Made in Oregon (Pendleton) Orion Constellation Nightlight Art Homemade Buffalo tile picture Etsy (RedTileStudio) Ceramic tile lizard Etsy (ToriArt) Triangle Art Homemade Arrow, Feathers, Deer, & Stick Drawings Etsy (RiverLuna) Sheet Nook Totes Target Picture frame on bookshelf Homemade

Favorite Items

I have many favs in the room...probably the blanket, the Orion constellation nightlight, and the Triangle I painted.


I think if I did it all over again from what I learned I would look around for art pieces or furniture pieces I love first (like on Etsy) and then get inspired from that.  I love themes so an easy way to start is to type in random theme keywords in etsy and observe pieces. Then this will inspire you to type in new words into  the search and it goes on from there. Also, look for patterns you love.

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Sunday 24th of November 2013

[…] These things are just perfect for a little nursery, don’t you think? I found some baby room inspiration from Project Nursery and I can’t wait to start getting creative with Emery’s room next […]

Ross Neytiri

Wednesday 12th of December 2012

The only thing I would have recognized and understood in Native American or American Indian culture is a dream catcher. And it's not here :(

Kimmy Doraine

Friday 7th of December 2012

Interesting. This is the first time I have seen a nursery with this kind of theme.