Mountain Adventure Nursery

  • Hot air balloons and mountain mural

    What an adventure- flying high above the mountains in a hot air balloon!

  • Mountain Adventure Nursery

    The whole room is full of vivid color and handmade details

  • Yellow Ombre Dresser

    This dresser was painted in a gradient of yellows. We picked one paint chip with all four colors and got sample sizes of each color.

  • This wall showcases our love of animals and adventure. The light up "C" was a fun find as both our boy and girl names started with a C.

  • Gallery Wall

    Adventure awaits our little man!

  • Diaper changing station with peg board organizer

    This diaper changing station was easy to make and has been utilized daily!

  • "Up" print used as baby shower guest book

    We had guests sign a paper balloon and stick it to this "Up" print at our baby shower.

  • Mountain mural with hand painted ducks

    To add some interest to the sky above the mountains, I painted some ducks flying off on their own adventure!



When my husband and I found out we were going to have a baby, we immediately started looking for nursery ideas on Pinterest. We had DIYed most of our wedding decor and stationary, so it was only a natural progression that we would DIY our baby's nursery! We were committed to not finding out the gender before the baby was born, so we'd need a design that could work for a boy or a girl.

After browsing through a plethora of pictures, we decided on a theme of "adventure." We wanted it to embrace the feeling of the movie "Up" without it being "Up" themed. We had a book about the art of the movie and started with that when choosing a color palette for our endeavor. We wanted the room to be bright and cheerful, above all other things.

After painting all the walls with a fresh coat of sky blue, we started by painting a mural of mountains on the wall that we were going to put the crib against. My husband sketched the mountains on the wall in pencil and then I went back with a small brush and painted the detailed sections. Next up was replacing the old carpet with hardwood floors and an amazing rug I found online. We painted an old dresser from my childhood with ombre yellow paint and some fun new glass knobs. Model hot air balloons were hung from the ceiling above the crib to give the impression that they were flying high above the mountains. The finishing touches were pictures on the walls and a pegboard station above the changing table to make changing diapers a breeze!


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    Do you still have the paint colors you used for the mountains? Wanting to do something similar in our nursery and my mom gave us a green baby blanket that would match your wall colors really well. Thanks!

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