Modern Navy and Grey Rustic Nursery

  • Modern Navy & Grey Rustic Nursery
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  • DIY Shelving in this Modern Navy & Grey Rustic Nursery
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  • Gray and Blue Pallet Wall in this Modern Navy & Grey Rustic Nursery
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This modern and rustic nursery was a total DIY with touches and accents from bargain stores - done completely on a budget!

Design Inspiration

We are obsessed with the color grey and when we found out we were having a boy, we gravitated to navy as a great pairing color.  We also found inspiration through a nursery seen on  Once a part of a nursery was completed, the drive to gather things to complement the nursery grew more and more and it simply came together seamlessly.

Decorating Style

For the nursery, we wanted clean, straight lines, simple and practical.  We also wanted to design something that he could grow into as a toddler and a teenager.

Project Details

Wood Palette Wall: DIY

Curtain Hardware and Shelving: DIY

Find custom wood for a palette wall here

Favorite Items

My favorite item in his room is his name and the lettering.  Love the simple and chic look.


The outcome of our nursery was due to my extremely handy and talented husband since a lot of it was DIY.  But what makes the room are the small details and we were able to get them at discount stores.  So be patient and willing to go to several stores to look for the items that will make your room unique and special.  It was a lot of fun gathering all the items for his nursery and now we can't wait for him to arrive so he can enjoy it!


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    I love the striped wall. Did you already have the wooden wall and just paint it? Or was it regular drywall somehow made to look like that?

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    I love this whole room! Can u share the paint colors of the walls and the wood wall colors?

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    Hello- can you please share how you colored the wood planks? Did you use stain? Paint with sanding? And did you use a pine or oak wood? Thanks!

  5. 7

    Agree with everyone above! I love that wall- please share how it was made and the paint that you used.

  6. 8

    Is that stain or paint? Would you mid sharing what the colors are and what kind of wood you used?

  7. 9

    Hey all! So I am not the person who made this wall but I have been playing around with some paints and I have been able to recreate almost all of these colors using standard paint and a rag. Using the rag allowed me to get less “paint” on the wood and the grain was able to show through. Also, I am using about 5 colors but I am going to mix them with different amounts of water to make the color show different shades. I have not really found a gray that gets the almost silvery color, but I plan to experiment soon with a white and gray to see if I can brighten the gray I chose. I will gladly share the paint colors and pictures when I am done if you would like!

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    What types of stain were used on the back wall? I love the look, but I’m having trouble finding a navy stain that dark.

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    Angela, have you been able to come up worth the colors yet? And are got still willing to share? Is live to know?

  12. 14

    I did! So the colors I used were all from Sherwin Williams. We considered getting stain but then the woman at the store suggested just using water and a rag to dilute the paint so you could see it as a stain and it worked! The light blue color we used was not that light at all so I mixed two colors. Here are the colors hues:
    ~ A deep dark blue (I think the color was called Naval)
    ~ A very light powder blue that we wound up mixing together with some naval to make it slightly darker and brighter because the light blue looked too much like the surrounding wall color
    ~A Dark Gray
    ~A very light gray almost white

    We measured all the boards different lengths and then sketched out the wall so that we could see that colors were not touching (It was actually so hard to make it look random lol).

    Then we use a nail gun and just pieced all the boards together. Since this was for a nursery I will say that we did not use reclaimed wood because I just thought about my baby running his hands all over the wall and getting splinters, so we actually went to the hardware store and bought smooth 4 x 12 boards (They were the thin boards but I wanted them to be wide enough that they looked like planks).

    Overall it did not turn out EXACTLY like this but I am totally in love. We have more navy pieces than up here and I wish it was more of a gray wall then a gray and blue wall, but the effect of the wall is there, and you can ALWAYS change it by painting less blue pieces and using more shades of gray! We used different letters than the ones above because we wanted it to stand out a little more. If you want to see what we did feel free to email me and I will try and send you the pictures of how it turned out and even the excel sheet we used to plan out the wall. I hope you all find the same success we did. [email protected]

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    Do you have any directions for the pipe shelves? Materials list? We like your configuration so it would save time to have a list of what you used. Thanks!

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    I’m curious about the crib? I’ve seen this one a few times and want to know where to get one and what your thoughts are on it. Good quality? Sturdy? Etc

  24. 30

    Hi Taisa, Beth from Project Nursery here. The crib is a Babyletto Modo. It’s linked above. Good luck with your nursery design!

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    So I finished this project a couple months ago but with the new addition to our family I was reminded I wanted to share some comments on this pallet wall. What worked exceptionally well for me was Knotted Pine wood 1x6x8 from Home Depot. You will need to sand it, use a chop saw and a finishing nail gun to get the most out of this look. These are the semi-transparent stains you’ll need from Sherwin Williams.
    A deep dark blue –Naval (253-C6)
    Blue Shade – Hyper Blue (161-C7)
    Dark Gray – Serious Gray (234-C5)
    Almost white – Olympus White (234-C1)
    The wall looks amazing, great idea on this site, email me at [email protected] if you would like to see the shades and final product

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    My dad this wall for my son’s nursery and we used shiplap and stained it with different shades of blue and grey. He mixed the navy and darker grey with white stains to get different colors. Everyone loves this accent wall when they see it. He also made the shelves and curtain rod with galvanized pipes and 2x4s. You can email me for pictures.

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    Can you share how you made the name? Nothing like that is on Hobby Lobby’s website. thanks!

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