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Modern Koala Cuteness


I wanted to create a space that was modern and sophisticated so it would appeal to me and my husband yet still be fun, cute, and childish so our baby boy would grow to love it.

Design Inspiration

After scouring the web and looking at photo after photo, I finally settled on a color scheme of grey and white with pops of yellow and blue.  In addition to that color palette, I knew I wanted a space that incorporated various animals as I feel that nothing says “childish fun” like a sprinkle of animals around the room.

Decorating Style

Modern, clean, customized, and cute.

Favorite Items

It’s so hard to pick!  There are a lot of little elements I’m in love with, especially since I shopped on Etsy a lot and tried to customize the room.  My absolute favorite though is the “Laugh” sign above the dresser.  Originally, we planned on placing a few prints resting on a ledge, but I found the look to be too “busy”.  And, from a pragmatic perspective, the prints had to be placed high enough on the wall (so the little guy wouldn’t reach them once he was standing) that they weren’t centered and we couldn’t get them well-anchored, which created a safety hazard.  I love that that piece is modern, fun and has a DIY aspect to it in which my husband and I created our own creative stamp in the room.


Take a look at what’s out there by viewing all the photos you can of existing rooms to get an idea of what “look” you love and keep coming back to.  Get a good sense of what you’re going for before you start purchasing.  And if you dedicate yourself to an idea or project but end up just not being happy with it, don’t be afraid to scrap the project, turn it into something else, or place the item somewhere else in the house.  Ultimately, you want to really love the space.  And of course, take advantage of Etsy – it’s addictive for a reason!

*Thank you to Lori Anderson Photographers for all the great photos!

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Wednesday 16th of September 2020

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Tuesday 12th of September 2017

Hey love the room! Where did you find the koalas and tree decal?

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Monday 15th of December 2014

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Saturday 16th of February 2013

Sara, I'd say the glider is close to perfect but not quite. The back is definitely not high enough, that's my only complaint, but it's pretty annoying to not be able to rest your head back while nursing. You could try using an airplane pillow... Otherwise, I like the firmness, the glide is super smooth, it's held up very well over the past year, still looks and feels brand new, the arm rests are perfect in terms of height and width. Really, the only complaint is the back height.


Tuesday 15th of January 2013

Hi Sivan- I'm planning to use that same decal, and I was wondering what paint color you used? Thanks! Lauren