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McKenzie’s Simple & Sweet Big Sister Hospital Celebration


I wanted to do a small little quaint celebration for our first baby McKenzie becoming a big sister. I wanted her to know that even though she will be sharing our time and attention with her baby brother, she is and always will be so special to us. I didn't want to go over the top with this,however, I found that a few party supplies and a yummy breakfast would do the trick! I packed napkins and paper plates, along with Kenzie's gift already wrapped. The morning our baby boy was born, I had my husband set everything up on the windowsill in our room. I made the banner out of napkins and left over wrapping paper. Daddy picked up a half dozen sprinkled Glazed Donuts and a couple bottles of Chocolate Milk and we were all set!

Design Inspiration

I found my inspiration from a blog post from a mom (Mendez Manor) who wanted to do the same thing for her little one and it couldn't have been more perfect for what I had envisioned too.

Decorating Style

I would call my decorating style Simplistic Chic. I love pairingĀ modern elements with touches of whimsy and frills

Project Details

  1. Party Bunting: Made out of Pink Napkins and Striped Gift Wrap from Michaels Clearance Aisle
  2. "I'M A BIG SIS" Label: Free Printable from Tatortots & Jello Blog
  3. Sprinkles Donuts: Daylight Donuts Shop
  4. Paper Plates & Napkins: Michaels
  5. Kenzie's Big Sister Outfit: Personalized Big Sister Tee - Designs By Manon,
  6. Arrow Navy Leggings - Old Navy,
  7. Navy Sandals - Saltwater Sandal

Favorite Items

My favorite Item would have to be the quick last minute banner - made out of napkins and leftover of gift wrap.


Introducing a new sibling into the family is an exciting moment for everyone, why not celebrate it and make it fun and festive for your other kiddos as well. It will help to avoid any possible feelings of love-lost.