Mary Poppins Baby Shower

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My family and friends threw me a Mary Poppins themed baby shower that started with my finding a perfect Mary Poppins cake on Pinterest.  I designed the dessert table and my friend helped with the backdrop and got the kites and banner.  It was the perfect shower, all that I could have asked for and a great way to celebrate our upcoming arrival of Haley :)

Design Inspiration

I was inspired by two different cakes I saw on Pinterest that were a Mary Poppins theme.  I find that many times I plan a party I am inspired first by either a cake or invitations.  Once I found the cake, I knew I wanted to have a Mary Poppins themed shower months ago!

Decorating Style

My design style is very cohesive, I like to have everything flow together and follow the theme.

Project Details

Mary Poppins Cake: Sweet & Saucy Shop in Long Beach, CA

"Let's Go Fly A Kite" Cookies: Sweet-T-Cakes (Ribbon Tails DIY by Myself and My Husband)

"Spoonful of Sugar" Cake Balls and "Chimney Sweeps" Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows: DIY Whisk Me Away Cake

Kites and Kite Banner: Pinspired Designs

Food Tents: brenabeedesigns on Etsy

Invitation, Thank You Card and Address Label Wrap: Fine Prints on Etsy

Tables, Chairs and Linens: Celebration Party Rentals

Centerpieces: DIY by My Mom

Measuring Tape Ribbon was used on the Cake Stand and around the Centerpieces

Umbrella Parasols Purchased Online from JustArtifacts and Hung from the Lights and Trellis Outside

Favorite Items

My favorite item was definitely the dessert table as a whole, but specifically the cake since that's what the shower was planned around as inspiration.


I LOVE Pinterest and Etsy, so helpful to find ideas, things you need but dont have the time or want to do and get some inspiration.  Take the help from your family and friends.  My mother in law made and provided the lunch and beverages, my sister in law and brother in law let us use their house and backyard from the party location.


  1. 2

    The idea is great, but it came off sincere. The kite garlands were cute, but the flowers were just awful.

  2. 3

    Do you mean sincere or insincere? I loved the centerpieces, it was a great nod to the flowers in Mary Poppins hat. I appreciate your comments but to say something is awful is pretty rude and unnecessary.

  3. 5

    I REALLY love this idea. A Mary Poppins baby shower had never occurred to me before, but it’s my favourite childhood/Disney movie and it seems like such a brilliant concept! Great work!

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